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Tender & Compassionate Care for Families

All children are “special” and we treat every child with this in mind, just like we treat our own children. We take pride in this mantra and our office is dedicated to the care we provide for the unique and diverse population of special needs children. We not only find it rewarding but we know that they need and deserve care that is tailored to meet their unique needs. Your child may sometimes be on medications or special diets that impact their oral health, or have difficulty maintaining effective oral health habits at home. This makes them susceptible to dental disease or possible injury and it is good to know we are here for your child!

Treatment Plans for Special Kids and Their Families

We know you are concerned about the long-term as well as the short-term health of your child’s teeth. That is why we are happy to design a preventive care and treatment plan for your child so that he or she may enjoy a lifetime of good dental health. Dr. Ginsberg will work with you and will propose a treatment plan based on the specific dental and emotional needs of your special child. Your child will also benefit from the preventive approach recommended for all children – effective brushing and flossing, diet counseling, adequate fluoride, and regular professional cleanings.

What Makes Us Different

Training: Dr. Ginsberg completed two years of specialty training in providing care for children with special needs and comprehensive education in behavior management, non- sedative techniques and hospital dentistry and is a certified diplomate of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Whether it’s a psychological or physical developmental disability or a child with cancer, our office has extensive experience with a large spectrum of conditions. They include (but not restricted to): Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism and Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Down’s syndrome, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Retinitis pigmentosa, and Pediatric cancers (on chemotherapy, or in remission). We communicate not only with the child and their family, but also other medical experts important to your child’s medical condition. All children are entitled to and require, not only compassion, but quality dental care. We provide a receptive and understanding environment for any possible occurrence. Your child will receive the best care and be treated with respect. Dr. Jeff and his staff’s gentle touch and clinical expertise, make us the ideal choice for the dental care of children and adults with special needs in the Northern Westchester, NY area.

Non-Sedation in Office

In our office, children are not placed under sedation or general anesthesia, which can pose complications and health risks. We use Nitrous Oxide analgesia which is a very safe mild analgesic as well as distractions such as videos on our television sets. If absolutely necessary we use a physical restraint to protect your child with parents always present and in the room with their child. We work closely with parents and families to help special needs children stay healthy and smile for life!

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