Pediatric Dentist for Families without Dental Insurance

At Dr. Jeffrey Ginsberg’s we strongly believe that every single child deserves to have the best dental treatment possible. As such, we present the Smile Club program, which is a program designed to help families without dental insurance. We value your loyalty and we would like to simplify your payments for preventative care and any treatment your child may need for one price when you join the Smile Club. Please call our office for more details.

1 year Membership includes:

  • 2 dental exams with Dr. Ginsberg (within 6 month period)
  • 2 dental cleanings (within 6 month period)
  • Needed X-rays (excluding the Panorex)
  • 2 Fluoride treatment (within 6 month period)
  • 15% off all treatment (including root canals, fillings, extractions, sealants and panorex imaging)