Pediatric Dentistry for Teens

Teens have unique dental needs and there’s no one better to address them than a pediatric dentist. While younger children might need to be motivated by prizes and fun, teens are eager to learn how to take care of their teeth, offering us the perfect window of opportunity to teach good dental health habits. Our dental services for teens include: 

Comprehensive Dental Exams and Cleaning

During our dental exams for teens, we take the time to provide oral hygiene instruction, guidance on how to eat a balanced diet for better dental health, and ensure a respectful, judgment-free environment so your teen feels comfortable asking about sensitive issues like tobacco use, bad breath, mouth-piercings, or being self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth.

Dental Sealants

If your teen had dental sealants applied when they were younger, the teen years are a great time to provide touch-ups to make sure their teeth are still protected—and if they haven’t had dental sealants yet, it’s not too late! Dental sealants are applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth to protect them from decay. They’re a highly effective, low cost preventive dental treatment.

Fluoride Treatment

During every routine dental appointment, we’ll provide fluoride treatment to keep your teen’s teeth healthy and strong.

Restorative Dentistry

We offer restorative dentistry options that blend in naturally with the rest of your teen’s smile to keep them from feeling self-conscious about their smiles. The most common types of restorations we perform are tooth-colored composite restorations for cavities.

Teeth Whitening and Bonding

Teens care about the appearance of their teeth, but the cosmetic dentistry procedures dentists use for adults are often a poor fit for the needs of younger patients. With this in mind, we offer a gentler form of teeth whitening to address stains and discoloration. Cosmetic bonding can fill in cracked, chipped, or broken teeth without the long-term commitment or cost of dental veneers. 


For your convenience, we offer Invisalign Teen treatment right here in our office, eliminating the need to find a separate orthodontic practice. Teens love Invisalign because it allows them to straighten their teeth without a mouth full of metal and it is easier to keep their teeth clean without wires present. Parents love Invisalign Teen because it has special features to let them monitor compliance.

Mouth Guards

If your teen is involved in sports, a mouth guard is essential. Our mouth guard offers better protection and a more comfortable fit than store-bought—but mouth guards are only effective when they’re actually worn!

Teen Pediatric Dentistry FAQs

What can a pediatric dentist for teenagers provide?

A pediatric dentist is not just for little kids! The teenage years are a wonderful time of growth for young minds but also has its unique challenges by supporting individuality while providing guidance. Our pediatric dental team is trained and focused on helping adolescents learn to care for their teeth and maintain their dental health habits while respecting their emerging independence. This includes educating them on how to brush and floss, practicing good oral hygiene habits, and eating a healthy well-balanced diet.

What type of preventative dental care is important for teens?

Good oral health is critical since a teenager’s adult teeth will be with them for a lifetime. A pediatric dentist will evaluate your teen’s mouth for cavities at each visit and recommend an individualized treatment based on their needs. Treatment options often include cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatments to maintain healthy teeth and prevent dental problems.

What are some dental concerns a teen may have?

A number one concern many teenagers discuss with a dentist is appearance- “how do my teeth look?” Teeth whitening, tooth alignment techniques, and bad breath remedies are ways in which a pediatric dental team can remedy any concerns. Proper dental hygiene plays a critical role in every visit.

What if a parent is concerned about a teen’s teeth grinding or mouth piercings?

These are perfect topics to discuss with your pediatric dentist. The dentist may recommend fitting your teen for a mouth guard to protect their smile if they grind their teeth. Mouthguards may also be needed for contact sports or other activities where there is a high chance of impacting the mouth. Having your teen have an honest talk with their dentist about piercings is a perfect way to engage your teen to become their own advocate. The dentist can be honest about the possible risks. For example, while the look is trendy, a tongue and lip piercing can cause infection because of harboring bacteria and jewelry and small objects also rub against the inside of the mouth. This is especially true when piercings are near the gumline where it can wear away the gums and the enamel of the teeth nearby> Also, tongue piercings are cool thought are sometimes are munched-on accidentally, leading to chipped or broken teeth.

What are “wisdom” teeth and does my teen have them?

During adolescent growth and development, many teenagers, but not all, develop third molars, or “wisdom” teeth. Some wisdom teeth emerge in a perfect position in the mouth naturally, while other third molars need to be removed because of lack of space or poor position. The dentist pays special attention to these molars during adolescence and will monitor and advise accordingly during each routine check-up.

Does my teenager need “braces” to straighten their teeth?

At each visit, our pediatric dental team will evaluate your tween or teen’s teeth for needed alignment adjustments. Your teen can be easily and comprehensively evaluated by our team to see if they are a good candidate for our invisible tooth alignment in-house treatment option. What could be better than to complete cleanings and orthodontic check-ups in the same place in this busy world with parents and teens! Our highly trained team will make sure your teen’s smile is the best it can be!

Should a parent discuss a serious issue with a dentist for teens?

A pediatric dental team is the perfect group of professionals to help address more serious concerns that your teen may struggle with. This may include eating disorders, the effect of specific medications, and the use of tobacco products. If left untreated, either can complicate a healthy smile since they may lead to discoloration, gum disease, lip cheek lesions, or an increased risk of oral cancer. It is important to address these with your teen’s dental team to keep them healthy.

What are some dental tips for making a teen’s smile sparkle?

Developing good habits is key! A radiant smile can be maintained by:

  • Healthy snacking with fresh fruits and vegetables. Minimize the amount of sugary and carbohydrate-dense snacks and drinks (ie. teas, sports drinks, carbonated water).
  • Brushing and flossing at least twice per day- more often if a lot of sugary/ starchy items are consumed.
  • Scheduling regular dental check-ups for cleanings and exams as recommended by the office.

Practicing good overall safety by wearing mouth guards when playing sports, wearing a bike helmet during biking, blading, skateboarding, or skiing, and avoid smoking or chewing tobacco.